1.      Would You Love Me Then?

 If I wasn’t such a miserable failure—would you love me then?

If I looked more like Elizabeth Taylor—would you love me then?

If I was handsome and brave and strong and lean

Had my face on the cover of Time Magazine

If I was really as nice as you say that I seem—mm, would you love me then?

 If I had a more agreeable personality—would you love me then?

If I had better hold of reality—would you love me then?

If I had a corporate job and made a lot of money

If I was smart, sensitive, sweet or funny

If I didn’t call you baby, dear, darling or honey—mm, would you love me then?

 If I drove you around in a pink Ferrari—would you love me then?

If I swallowed my pride and said I was sorry—would you love me then?

If I gave you my word that I would always be true

And then whenever you called me I came running to you

If I didn’t have to ask you what do I gotta do?—mm, would you love me then?

 If I went ahead and just did what you told me—would you love me then?

If I said I was yours, you could have and to hold me—would you love me then?

If I showed you I could act like I was older than five

If I put in the effort, if I actually tried

If I was the last human being alive—mm, would you love me then?

 If I gave some time to think it over—would you love me then?

If I tried again later, maybe when I was sober—would you love me then?

If I wasn’t so lazy, so dumb, so slow

If I only had somewhere, anywhere to go

If for all of these years I had just something to show—would you love me then?

 If you told me something and I didn’t doubt it—would you love me then?

If I told you I loved you and sang about it—would you love me then?

If I had influence, title, rank, or position

If I changed my name, my race, my religion

If I told you I was eager to hear your decision—would you love me then?

 If I promised to leave you alone forever—would you love me then?

If I told you we didn’t have to be together—would you love me then?

If I took your advice, your offered suggestion

If I swore I wouldn’t make any public confession

If I promised not to ask you anymore questions—mm, would you love me then?


2.      (The Way That) I Will Always Love You

 If the sun tomorrow should rise and find me gone from your side

If my life should transpire so quick as to fit to within the blink of an eye

If all of the dust of my days should be scattered in ten different ways

And the ocean complains that nothing remains to answer the one who asks why

            Please know that the sky and the sea

            Will not always be blue

            That nothing will always be

            The way that I will always love you

If all of my cries should fall short of the home t’where they fly

If they shatter and break on the walls of the gate that proves too strong and too high

If word of me never returns, and my whereabouts never get learned

And I’m somehow forgot despite how I fought to never surrender, but try

            Please know that things as they seem

            Will not always be true

            That nothing will always be the way that I

            Will always love you

If your heart like an overripe pear should grow sour and sore

If time should strengthen your will and you vow not to think about me anymore

If one day your forgetting succeeds, and your wounds, they no longer bleed

And no time’s left to waste, you’ve taken first place, but you just can’t remember what for

            Please know that the ways you can see

            Will not always be few

            That nothing will always be

            The way that I will always love you


3.      Tell Me Something That I Don’t Already know

You woke me with a question from your distant past you said it was not urgent but it would require some attention soon

I followed up by askin what you meant by that but this was later some time long after you had already left the room

The times we’ve tried have not been few, although communication has perhaps at times been rare

And tho I’ve said, it’s up to you, it’s clear to me that you’d prefer that it remain unshared

            And that’s alright, if that’s your style

            You’ve got that right, you’re not on trial

            I’d appreciate it if the next time tho

            You’d tell me something that I don’t already know

I recall that you returned to me, eventually, with an apology you said you couldn’t write but had to say to me

That spoke of things that never were, that tried to be, that might have been perhaps if only it hadn’t been for me

You called me names, suggested lies, pretended I had only been your enemy

You said, “Love is born, it lives and dies, and people change and are a challenge to their destiny—”

            And you’re not wrong, that’s not quite it

            Cause you don’t belong with me I’ll admit

            But the next time that you come to say you have to go

            Tell me something that I don’t already know

 We’ve covered all this ground before, there’s nothing new to speak of with regards to where it leaves us, where we must remain

I know you’ll go on hoping I’m a wound to you while I’ll go back to dreaming at the drawingboard, my windowpane

And all that’s left of all that was in me will linger faintly as a residue

And looking down, from up above, perhaps at last you’ll catch the contrast in our points of view

             But if you don’t because you choose

            And say you won’t because you’d lose

            The chance to tell the mighty that they’ve fallen low

            Well tell me something that I don’t already know


4.      I’m Yours

Sky’s gone cloudy and the sun’s been dim

It seems the stars these days are always late

And it won’t be long now fore the rain sets in

But all there is to do is wait

 Please take my picture when you go from here

As it will help me not to feel so far from you

And I’ll try less often to wish you near

When, or rather, if, I do

            And if I should survive, as I think I probly will

            As I only ever have before

            It will not be because of me

            It will be because you know I’m yours

I watched your shadow as you weaved the loom

Your clothing lay draped over the chairs

A Casanova with a pink balloon

Waiting like a child on the stairs

Please take me with you when you go from here

As it will help me not to feel so far from you

And I’ll try less often to feel the fear

If, or rather, when, I do

            And if I should survive as I think I will,

            As I only ever have before

            It will not be because of me

            It will be because you know I’m yours


5.      The Only Girl I Love

 Shes the sun at dawn, shes a dream you drawn

She’s a train you’ll chase forever that don’t never let you on

She’s beautiful, she’s both hands full

She’s cautious as a fledgling calf, and fragile as a fawn

 She knows her bounds and your hopes she’ll drown

Her eyes are like the well you cast your lonesome wishes down

She’s a misplayed chord, she’s a two-edged sword

She’s a bird that’s fallen that never even left the ground

             She cant be held, contained nor quelled

            And she don’t reside even where she says she’s dwelled

            She ain’t coming soon, but I wish she was

            For she’s the only girl whom with all my heart I love

 She’s a ragin tide, downright dignified

A wildfire wadin through a callow countryside

She’s my favorite song, my whole life long

She’s the failure I was faced with every single time I tried

 She’s a waving flag, she’s a boundin stag

Free as a feather floating down a canyon crag

She’s a broken soul, she’s a lost-sheep’s wool

She’s a priceless linen mixed-in with a beggar’s bandage rag

             She can’t be reached through spoken speech

            And she breathes in vapors near the boundary’s breach

            She ain’t comin soon but I wish she was

            For she’s the only girl whom with all my heart I love

 She’s a quiet smirk, she’s full of quirk

She’s like ivy growin upwards through the garden lattic-work

Her voice is sure, and her heart is pure

She’s a soothing salve for every wound you’ve got that’s hurt

She’s full of tricks, she’s too fair to fix

She’s a churchmouse crawling cross the crucifix

She’s a wisp of smoke, she’s a wooden spoke

She’s a spur upon a bootheel that’s never learned to kick

             She can’t be caught, revealed nor wrought

            She’s a matter of fact, upon a second thought

            She ain’t coming soon, but I wish she was

            For she’s the only girl whom with all my heart I love

 She’s a friendly face, she’s a saving grace

She’s a trap-door hinged upon a hiding place

She’s a standing cliff, she’s a hieroglyph

She’s a strong defense that doesn’t have no case

 She’s a windin brook, she’s a chance that’s took

She’s the same old story in a brand new book

She’s an ocean wave, she’s a shallow grave

She’s the knight that left the bishop to defend the rook

             She can’t be known, can’t be left alone

            She is my journey, my friend, my home

            She ain’t coming soon, but I wish she was

            For she’s the only girl whom with all my heart I love


6.      In Love With You

 I must be cursed; the fates must be against me

She’s taken no interest; she can’t even sense me

I’m a face in a crowd that’s well neath her status,

That’s an audience to her, that she’ll never notice

            She don’t even know me, but that ain’t the problem

            The one thing we share’s having nothing in common

            A stranger with whom I wish I were familiar

            If only so that I could finally tell her

                        That I’m helplessly, hopelessly, endlessly,  openly,

                        Neverthelessly in love with you

                        Brokenly, quietly, quite unrequitedly

                        Somehow inspite of me, in love with you

            I’m boundless and depthless and restless and breathless

            And it’d be a short list to name what I wouldn’t do

            To show you how sweetly, how madly, completely,

            How badly, how deeply, I’m in love with you

Whenever she’s near, I can feel my pulse racing

Every minute she’s gone feels like time I’m just wasting

To somebody’s dreams she must be the native

But she’s just in my world—I’m not that creative

            If I could imagine her daily and nightly

            And all on my own, however unlikely

            I’d probably need never roam any further

            There’d be no cause to alarm or alert her

                        That I’m visibly, viably, undeniably

                        Certifiably in love with you

                        Joylessly, lucklessly, sorely, reluctantly,

                        It’s not even up to me, in  love with you

            I’m weary and woeful, I’m inconsolable

            And from the depths of my own soul I wish it weren’t true

            But I’m clinically, cynically, consciously, critically

            Admittedly—in love with you


7.      Might’ve Spoke too Soon

 I looked all round the world for a love of my own

Now I’ve been everywhere and I’m still all alone

Just when I started thinking true love can’t be found

Who but I should start falling when who but you turns around

            When I said that it takes time for new love to bloom

            It might be that I might’ve spoke a little too soon

            You know what they say, it ain’t good to presume

            It might be that I might’ve spoke a little too soon

Well the first thing you told me is that youd be all mine

Next thing I know I’m half out of my mind

Feel like running and hiding, feel like walking right out

You say you just want to know what I’ve been thinking about

            When I said as long as I had you I would never be doomed

            Well it might be that I might have spoke a little too soon


I know how to want you just as well as the next

Its remaining happy once you’re mine I don’t get

I know that you told me I was all out of tries

But that you weren’t kidding I guess I didn’t quite realize

            When I said that nobody’d ever make me change my own tune

            Well it might be that I might’ve spoke a little too soon


 When I told you I loved you unconditionally

I was under the impression you felt the same way about me

When I asked if you wanted to come be my wife

I thought it meant that I would be the only man in your life

            But you got one in the stairwell and one up in your room

            Well it might be that I might have spoke a little too soon



8.      Do You Have Me Now?

Bout the hour the sun goes down, I get to thinking of leaving town

The trains and traffic they make their sounds, a blood within me begins to pound

She calls to tell me she’s on her way, she knows I get round that time of day

Feeling like I’d be stuck to stay, better off just a goin way

             I feel my feet start to leave the ground

            I step away and I’m fallin down

            I feel your arms they’re around me now

            But tell me, babe, do you have me, now?

             I’m hardly home and I’m highway bound

            I’m known to run at the smallest sound

            I’m known to hide where I won’t be found

            So tell me, babe, do you have me, now?

 Lifted out of the mangled mess, I’m back out on the top, I guess

Just wrestling the restlessness, I won’t win but I’ll do my best

She’s sturdy as frozen stone, does alright when she’s on her own

The kindest of the kind of known, the closest I’ve ever been to home

             I think I’d live if she left me now

            And if I left would I be allowed

            I could love if you’d show me how

            But tell me, babe, do you have me now?

             I feel your kisses against my brow

            I hear you say that we should and shall

            I hear you say you don’t need no vow

            But tell me babe do you have me now?

 She keeps me close and she holds me tight, walks me through each and every night

She ain’t afraid to put up a fight, makes it seem like it’ll be alright

But in the morning she leaves again, and tho she says she’ll come back again

And tho I tell her I’ll see her then, I always hope I’ll still be here then

             I spread my wings and she holds me down

            I try to swim and she helps me drown

            I start to cry and she calls me clown

            But tell me babe do you have me now?

             Cause I can fly without leavin ground

            And I can dive without goin down

            And I can kid without foolin round

            So tell me babe do you have me now?

 About a mile down the railroad track, I get to thinking of thinkin back

I wonder if she would take me back, if she knew I was comin back

Left a note in her dresser drawer, sayin how I just wasn’t sure

Sayin how I would lock the door, but not to wait up for me no more

             Tell me babe, would you have me now?

            Now that you know that I’m broken down?

            Now that you know I don’t wear no crown?

            Now that you know I won’t stick around?

             Tell me babe do you have me now?

            Now that I’m somewhere behind you now?

            Now that at least I can’t hurt you now?

            Now that I can’t desert you now?


9.      Nobody’s Fault

 She may not even remember me now, it was so long ago

I recall when she left it was winter again, her footprints had trailed in the snow

And when spring came around they had melted away and by then I had learned to forget

That it wasn’t because she didn’t love me enough that she had been so upset

            And I know it don’t do nobody no good to say it now after all this time

            But it’s nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault—but mine

 There’ve been so many others since her, but she was the first

And maybe it’s just cause I loved her the most, that losing her hurt the worst

And maybe I am still just holding on cause I’m lonesome with everyone else

And maybe I only want her back cause I’m so tired of myself

            But whatever it is that’s causing all this, there’s one thing to which I’m resigned

            It’s nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault—but mine

 This morning I found an old letter of hers in my desk’s bottom drawer

It contained a long list of things that she missed about me and loved me for

At the end of the note she apparently wrote I will always love only you

And after all of these years what makes me afeared is thinking that it might still be true

            I wish I could say I was sorry now, how could I have been so blind

            But it’s nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault—but mine

 Now as I sit here in familiar solitude, unvisited even by noise

I like to pretend that it had to be so, that neither one of us had any choice

Its easy to feel like she did it to me, like nothing I said was believed

But sometimes the truth creeps in through the roof and says you aint lyin, you’re just self-deceived

            Cause she was the one who wanted to stay, and I told her to go, now she’s gone

            And its nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s fault—but my own


10.  I’m Sorry

 For all of the lies that I told

For getting away with the fast ones I pulled

Persisting, even when it got old

For leaving you standing alone in the cold

            For holding back when you asked me to share

            And for wrecklessly leading you on

            For promising you I would always be there

            The list, I suppose, it goes on—

                        For all of our planning on things working out,

                        we’re just not very lucky, are we?

                        That it won’t make it up, I haven’t a doubt,

                        I just want you to know—that I’m sorry

 For all of the pain that I caused

for burning the map and then getting us lost

for refusing to pay what it cost

for helping them nail your hands to the cross

            for hearing you loud and clear when you cried

            and keeping myself hidden from sight

            for never once ever taking your side

            even when I knew you were right

                        I know it’s too late to take anything back

                        And for new words it may still be too early

                        But for whatever it’s worth, if it has any impact,

                        I just want you to know—that I’m sorry

For leaving it all up to fate

For devising the trap and laying the bait

For offering too little too late

For destroying the plans that you tried to create

            for being the one who was never around

            and accusing you of disappearing

            for ruthlessly kicking you when you were down

            and afterwards trying to be so endearing

                        The time of the day I don’t even deserve

                        But I don’t need it, I’m in no hurry

                        I know that you think that I’ve sure got some nerve

                        But I just want you to know—that I’m sorry            

for wanting you to be like you were

for acting so childish and so immature

for expecting you to be pure

and treating you like you were part of the tour

            for letting you fall when you needed a hand

            up from the floor you were sweeping

            for pretending that I could not understand

            the language in which you were speaking

                        I know that my efforts have not been enough

                        A gentleman I have been, hardly

                        But before you go writing me entirely off

                        I just want you to know—that I’m sorry

For totally wasting your time

For being unwell, saying that I was fine

For feeding you all the old lines

For failing to make you a priority of imine

            For doing the absolute least I could do

            And not even without complaining

            And for taking even your umbrella from you

            The minute that it started raining

                        If you don’t ever want to see me again

                        And if you never ans—wer me

                        I’ll understand, but I might as well then

                        Tell you now fore I go—that I’m sorry       

For making you miss the last train

For keeping the torch lit for an old flame

For driving you slowly insane

For making you guess instead of saying it plain

            For treating this all like no more than a fling

            As you asked: O why must you tease me?

            And then when it came time to do the right thing

            For doing instead what felt easy

                        I know in the past, when I’ve said this before

                        Your silences have frequently scarred me

                        I know you can’t put up with me anymore

                        I just want you to know—that I’m sorry

For utterly failing to learn

For leaving long fore the meeting adjourned

For making you wait for your turn

To be treated decent, like it was something you’d earn

            For salting the wound, and fueling the flame

            Adding insult to your injury

            for whimpering whenever saying your name

            And making sure that you heard me

                        Your more patient with me than anyone else

                        I’d’ve featherd and tarred me

                        But this time I ain’t gonna ask for you help

                        I just want you to know—that I’m sorry

For throwing you under the bus

For staining your pride and abusing your trust

For making you feel that you must

For ditching you in a cloud of my dust

            For gorging myself, meanwhile letting you starve

            like some well-wishing judas

            For handing you over to the people in charge

            While you kindly mistook me for Brutus

                        And nevermind silver, nevermind gold

                        I’d’ve done it for thirty denari

                        And if it’s the last thing I ever tell to the world

                        I just want you to know—I’m sorry


11.  You Been A Good Friend To Me

 You been a poor wife to your husband, you been a bad mother to your child

You ain’t been much to speak of to your folks in some long while

You been something of a let-down to your whole family

Aw, but you know you been a good friend to me

 You been bad news to your landlord ever since you signed that lease

The only visitors you get in here are either junkies or police

You been wanted for a while now, everyone’s your enemy

Aw, but you know you been a good friend to me

 You been a disgrace to your people, you’ve exhibited no pride

When the spies came you went to them and you invited them inside

You’d be called a traitor back in your home country

Aw, but you know you been a good friend to me

 Everybody says you’re crazy, when you look they all turn around

Nobody seems to like you much you’re just too hard to be around

That’s the same way that people talk when they’re talkin about me

Aw, but you know you been a good friend to me


12.  I Will Still Love You Anyway

 Should your laughter turn to tears, and should your smile straighten out

Should the minutes turn to years, and your assurances to doubt

And should there be only half as much love here as you say

If you never leave the path

You tell a joke and no one laughs

If you never learn to do the math,

            I will still love you anyway

And should the ease become a strain, and should the work become a toil

And should our happiness be plain, and inseperable from soil

And should the tune become so flat which we always used to play

That the music won’t come back

We only hear it as a lack

Both because of and despite that

            I will still love you anyway

And should your looks begin to go, and should your wits begin to dim

And should your age begin to show, through the wrinkles on your skin

And should you become so old that your hair has all turned gray

When your stories have been told

And your teeth have all been pulled

And when you’re far too frail to hold

            I will still love you anyway

And when you are not here, and when I am by myself,

And when the future isn’t clear, and when you seem like someone else

I will not find you strange, nor will it be to my dismay

For in spite of how you change,

you come in and out of range

It can’t be helped, you won’t be blamed

            I will still love you anyway

And if we never aren’t poor, and if I discover that you’re flawed

And if we always aren’t sure, and leave it mostly up to God

At least there will be love, when all else has passed away

And when pushing comes to shove

When I’m no longer who I was

And when nobody else does

            I will still love you anyway